Don’t Look Now

Don't Look Now

Something has come over Andrea Heller. After seven years of marriage to her voyeur husband, Matt, it seems she has a few ideas of her own. Like calling herself Abigail. And dressing a little sexier. And sitting on the other side of the bar, pretending to be single. And watching what happens.

But there’s another couple watching, too. They call themselves Saila and Pharaoh, but only after sundown. And it is after sundown that some terrible things are happening in the singles clubs in Cleveland. In six months, three women in their twenties have been found brutally murdered — their flower tattoos ceremoniously removed.

And each step that homicide detective John Paris takes to bring the madness to an end takes him closer to the heart of his own forbidden impulses, and nearer the understanding that no one — not the man standing next to him at the precinct, nor the woman in his bed — is who he or she appears to be.

When Paris ultimately discovers the terrifying secrets of The Swing Set, and the stakes become personal, he comes to know one certainty: to enter the minds of Saila and Pharaoh is to enter a world from which no one ever fully returns.

“Tough, bloodthirsty, sexually explicit US serial killer tale . . . one hell of a read, though not for the squeamish.’  – Bookseller

“Psychologically dark, strangely erotic and definitely hard to put down.  A winner.”  – Nelson DeMille

“Richard Montanari’s vivid portrayal of a serial killing bad-dream team is sick, kinky, realistic, scary as hell and absolutely great.” – Kinky Friedman

A Jack Paris Thriller (Book 1)

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